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Hello! I am glad you found my website. My name is Nicky Leach. I grew up in the cathedral city of Ely in the damp flat Fens of eastern England. I trained as an educator at the University of London, Goldsmith's College, and moved to the American West 35 years ago.

For most of that time, I have made my living as a professional writer and editor. My main focus is travel - both the kind that takes us into the outside world and the kind that calls us to journey deeply into the self. I believe that in our fragmented world, we travel, as mythologist Joseph Campbell put it, to gain "an experience of living not the meaning of life." My unique background gives me both global perspective and local orientation, a macro/micro view that sees the big picture but grasps the details, both of which are necessary in the 21st century.

I also assist authors and publishers in creating their own publications. As a former in-house executive editor for several publishing houses, my editorial skills are deep and wide-ranging and have been honed over several decades. I can help with everything from developmental, substantive/ line editing, basic copy editing, and proofreading of manuscripts to rewriting. I am very well read and able to offer input on material on a variety of subject matter, from travel topics and spirituality to health and wellness and creativity. I help authors refine their work into a polished final product and consider the editorial relationship a key resource in creating an excellent final product.

This website is a work-in-progress, so please check back often. You will find samples of my writing, information on how I work with my clients, and contact details. I welcome inquiries from publishers and others about writing and editing projects and look forward to hearing from you, my readers.

Happy Trails!

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